Hope, a word I hear and may use daily. “Hope you have a great day” “Hope to see you soon”. “I hope all is well”. Hopefully we can…….”. So what is it that we are wanting the word “hope” to mean when we say it? I often find it being used in place of the word “wish”.  However, the word “wish” is based more on chance.  “I hope I win the lottery” The  use of the word “hope” in this contexts robs it of its more confident and  certain meaning.

Many dictionaries describe the verb of “hope” as  looking forward to  something with a reasonable confidence. It is also described a a desire or trust that something may happen.The verb form of “hope” that I obtained from the Online Etymology Dictionary website describes it as: “have the theological virtue of Hope; hope for (salvation, mercy), trust in (God’s word),” also “to have trust, have confidence; assume confidently or trust” (that something is or will be so)1.

I describe  hope as faith with perseverance. It is a trust in God’s word and His promises. Faith and hope  work together and strengthens our spiritual walk. Hope is the bridge between where we are and  our faith in God’s will. Hope is the foundation by which faith is realized.

1. Online Etymology Dictionary. http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=hope&allowed_in_frame=0

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